sabato 26 gennaio 2013


 ”Yesterday… all my troubles are so far away..” it seems yesterday but the start up of this legendary group, The Beatles, was 50 years ago. Their music was the soundtrack of entire generations and even today we keep listening and enjoying evergreen melodies as “Yesterday”, “Michelle” or “Let it be”.
 Based on an idea by Helenita Arriaga, Arte Libera is proud to invite you to celebrate this important anniversary with an artistic tribute to the mythic Fab Four by fab four Metaverse’s artists : Giovanna Cerise, Solkide Auer, Daco Monday e Pol Jarvinen. In a two-step presentation, they show their installations inspired by Beatles’ s songs, while Helenita enriches this journey with infos and curiosities.
 We’ll be at Arte Libera in Solaris at 1.00 PM (SL time)
 - January 22th with Giovanna Cerise and Solkide Auer

 - February 8th with Daco Monday e Pol Jarvinen

 Of course there will be good music producted at Abbey Road too

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