sabato 11 luglio 2009


The Future Project opens this Sunday, July 12 at 1PM SLT. Come out to see the spectacular and innovative builds by:
Al Lurton
Blue Tuski

Cae Sands

Fran Benoir

MaryvaZhora4Project Melody

quadrapop Lane

Sabrinaa Nightfire

shellina Winkler
& Solkide Auer
White Lebed

The Future Is...... by Shellina Winkler and Solkide Auer.

........If you've got the answer, we will lead through our question.

What is the future?

Walk inside our colorful idea or better fly along the tunnel wearing the skyborn animation and when you get to the top don't miss the ball!!!!

Our special thanks go to Oberon Onmura and Newbab Zsigmond for their precious advices and collaboration in scripting :)

Il Futuro è........ Di Shellina Winkler e Solkide Auer

..........Se hai la risposta, noi ti condurremo attraverso la nostra domanda.

Cosa è il futuro?

Passeggia dentro la nostra idea colorata o ancora meglio vola lungo il tunnel con la skyborn animation e appena giunto in cima.... siedi sulla sfera!!!!!!

Musical entertainment provided by Thumper Boucher.
Please come and join us for this ground breaking event.

slurl of our work

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