giovedì 9 luglio 2009

SOLEIL Multi-artist exhibition at AG3 Gallery

I am very pleased to invite you to the Grand Opening celebration of our newest show - the Soleil. This is an exciting exhibition presenting 36 Second Life artists of all possible styles and techniques - from copies of RL paintings to interactive immersive installations.
Almost every artwork you will see is new and not seen before. Most were created specifically for the show. The artists were asked to make art reflecting all possible intepretations of the theme, "the Soleil". You will see many interesting and unique artworks that this theme has inspired. The level of creativity of our artists is amazing. There are many names you will already know - they have participated in many events around the grid and are regular exhibitors at Angelgate shows. You will also have a chance to discover some new artists making their debute in the SL art scene and some very rare exhibiting artists. Here is the list of the artists and the artworks (in the order they appear from the bottom up)
GARY KOHIME - The Future of Color
SPIRAL WALCHER - Beyone Violet Symphony

COLEMARIE SOLEIL - The Watcher, Where are You

SAIWUN YOSHIKAWA - 3 Strip_Multi_15/15/2009_sou
SPECIAL JEWELL - Terra Egypta 2, Terra Egypta 3, Terra Egypta 4, Terra Egypta 1

PIXELS SIDEWAYS - AG-F-Summer in the City - Pixel
FILTHY FLUNO - Filthy Complete, #1/3 AngelGate
CORCOSMAN VOOM - In The Sunshine In The Rain
MORGANA NAGORSKI - Glowing, Alone, Wearing Violator, She Hasn't Come Out To Play For Such A Long Time, Feathered
XENOPHILE NEUROCAM - Xenophile Neurocam - dendrite.potential

POID MAHOVLICH - Solen til jorden
BF2 SHEPHERD - Isis Egyptian Goddess WW Fountains
BLUNT FHANG - 1-09-08m black

CHARLES ROSENTHAL - Soleil Charles Rosenthal v.2

FEATHERS BOA - Sand, Sea, Sun (3D)
YABUSAKA LOON - <> Sculpture " Yin Yang"
NESSUNO MYOO - MechanicalKnight

WHITE LEBED - If an Art Gallery could dream about a summer vacation...
SUNN THUNDERS - Fusion Sculpture, 6/2009
ZHORA MAYNARD - Mirror by Zhora Maynard
SASUN STEINBECK - Texture Picker 1 Prim, Morph Sculpture v14

KOLOR FALL - Chromosphere
DOROTHY URVILAN - "Take me back to the garden of love"

TALIA TOKUGAWA - Soleil Renaissance
SOROR NISHI - sorors branch
UB YIFU - Sun's birth
SOLKIDE AUER - Mi ritorni in mente.
SAPPHORIA SHILOVA - "can only dream of Soleil", "worship the idea of Soleil", "C'est Moi Soleil"
MISO SUSANOWA - The Alchemist's Table

STARHEART ERDHEIN - Star Portal, Wings of Promise, Chariot of Ra
ADAM RAMONA - Stella Sonice
GLYPH GRAVES - Memories of Summer
When you arrive using the landmark above you will see the first floor filled with artwork. On this floor and above many of the art sculptures are interactive - they react to avatar presence by making sounds or rezzing something as part of the presentation. Consider walking closer - if you just cam around you will give you only part of the effect our artists have created. After you examine the first floor, please walk up the staircase. Each step has an artwork made by the artist whose name you see on the step. Clicking on a step will give you information, bio, and artists' statements. Once you reach the top of the stairs you will enter our Events area. This is where the Opening Event will be held on July 11th. This is a very unusual event area - the whole room is designed specifically for this show by one of the most acclaimed SL artists, Glyph Graves. He is well known for making beautiful, vibrant, unusual installations. For the Soleil he created not just a room - it is a different world. Again, I strongly suggest walking in as opposed to camming up - you will see how being inside affects your mood and feelings.�� To emphasise this effect, during the opening, July 11th, we will enjoy a very special performance by AldoManutio Abruzzo, an amazing professional musician (Dennis Moser in RL) known for his music improvisations. He visited the events area and agreed that this wonderful art installation will inspire him to play something special - his music will be the 37th art piece of the show, only existing for one hour. He is generously donating his peformance to AngelGate Arts to support the future of creating art events like the Soleil.�� The opening celebration will be continuted by another live music performance. Edward Kyomoon sings rock music and love songs ranging from the 60's to the present, covering bands and artists such as the Doors, Pink Floyd, Blue October, Snow Patrol and Nine Inch Nails. He also shares his own original music. He will perform from 11AM till Noon. His concert is another generous donation to support Angelgate non-profit organization art programs .�� Don't hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.
White Lebed,

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