domenica 22 febbraio 2009

Brooklyniswatching # 47 Live and let die


In Podcast 47 we are joined by the mysterious 070 Sperber, who is a local artist in williamsburg but wanted to be on the podcast under his avatar name for some reason- I figured since there are plenty of avatars that make art who’s RL identities are unknown to us that having a critic who didn’t reveal his RL name was ok too. You can IM him if you don’t like what he says. Jay has some trouble with the recording even though all he’d had to drink that night was coffee. We announce the availability (finally) of our T-Shirts! artists discussed: Sanduen Rothmanay, Oberon Onmura, Betty Tureaud, Penumbra Carter, Starz33 McCullough, Corcosman Voom, Solkide Auer
you can download the audio directly here

mercoledì 18 febbraio 2009

Arena. Second Life artist's experience . FUTUROMA. notte Futurista a Roma.

Arena. Second Life artist's experience

FUTUROMA 20.02.2009 ore 19:00 – 24:30.
Performing Media. point - Piazza di Pietra. Tempio di Adriano

Una visione della recente produzione artistica e creativa in Second life.
Iimmersività ed interazione caratterizzeranno lo spazio suggestivo del tempio di Adriano durante la notte futurista del 20 febbraio (ore 19:00 – 24:30, piazza di Pietra).

50 artisti esporranno la loro opera nel Museo del metaverso e nella sede di Experience Italy in Second Life, estendendo la propria esibizione sino nel cuore di Roma, nell’allestimento curato da Paolo Valente (

Sarà possibile immergersi nello spazio virtuale di “Futurismo Manifesto 100×100”, e partecipare alla performance FUTURfashion di abiti futuristi indossati dagli avatar, una iniziativa di Musei in Comune 2.0 curata da Marina Bellini.

Foto: MillaMilla Noel – arco Rosca
Proiezioni: Frollini,s Cine Video Service
Post produzione: Alessandro Tartaglia

domenica 15 febbraio 2009

ROLE Magazine Art - Exhibition


ROLE Magazine is pleased to unveil our plans to host monthly art exhibitions at our magazine headquarters on the Concetta sim. Our kick-off exhibition is scheduled for Sunday, February 15th at 12pm SLT. Each month-long exhibition will feature the works of two select artists.

The initial ROLE Magazine art exhibition will feature the ingenious works of artists Adam Soler, Solkide Auer and Ub Yifu, plus a live, musical performance by the famous Winston Ackland, real life and SL musician.

ROLE Magazine has selected artists Adam Soler, Solkide Auer and Ub Yifu for the February 15 - March 15 exhibition series. Adam Soler’s digital artworks blend photography with digitally hand-drawn elements. His colorful paintings often embody touches of a fantasy world. Solkide Auer will present an outstanding 3D reproduction of one of Escher’s real life paintings.

The artistry of Ub Yifu is widely known and he has created some of the most famous sculptures on the grid. He began creating 3D objects inspired by famous real life paintings in May of 2007. Some of his well-known sculptures are the “Space Elephant” inspired by a painting by Salvador Dali and the “Don Quichotte” statue based on a painting by Pablo Picasso. Other sculptures by Ub, inspired by real life works, include Michelangelo’s “David” and the Statue of Liberty.

Plan to join us at the ROLE Magazine headquarters on Concetta sim, Sunday, February 15th at 12pm SLT as we present the selected works of artists Ub Yifu, Solkide Auer, Adam Soler, and listen to the musical stylings of the talented performer Winston Ackland.

We hope to see you there.

Best regards,

ROLE Magazine Team

lunedì 9 febbraio 2009

Exposition au Palais du Gouverneur sur Bourbon. Exhibition at the Palais du Gouverneur sur Bourbon

Vernissage / Opening (2009, Feb 10 - 1:00 pm SLT / 22h00 Fr)
The exhibition will last till the 9th of Mrch

Artistes / Artists :

nessuno Myoo (Sculptures / Paints)
Solkide Auer (Sculptures / Paints)
barry Richez (Paints)
Shellina Winkler (Primpaintings)
MathieuL Bravin (Photo)
Newbab Zsigmond (Photo)