martedì 20 maggio 2008


Solkide Auer and Shellina Winkler have set up an astounding exhibit of sculptures. You really have to see them to belive them. A delight to the eyes from Italy. Join us for the opening on Tuesday, May 20th at 11 am sly for the opening and our "Meet the Artists" on Friday May 23 from 1 - 3 pm slt.

Link to a video of my friend Antonella Munro on Youtube

Link to my video on Youtube

sabato 10 maggio 2008


Finalmente posso esibire la mia opera Relativita' di Escher in questo meraviglioso museo chiamato Primtings.

Finally i can exhibit my work Relativity of Escher in this marvelous museum called Primtings

domenica 4 maggio 2008


Alcune mie sculture sono presenti alla Mostra organizzata da Bau Hur ad AngelGate denominata RADIANCE.
E' una mostra organizzata per categorie con diverse installazioni interessanti sia per il contenuto che per il modo di esporle. Di seguito l'elenco dei partecipanti:

Gabriel Floor, Main Gallery
Kolor Fall -- abstract landscapes
Glyph Graves -- ethereal sculpture
Ub Yifu -- angel sculptures
Mossie Mantis -- woodcut

Raphael Floor, Main Gallery
Fractals by Serenity Questi, Lisa Champagne, Yarosh Nohkan, Vortex Scholten.
Sculpture by Blued Food.

Particle Theory
Dozzydolly Bizou, Brigitte Kungler, Mater Rhode (under construction), Jopsey Pendragon, Kolor Falls, Sunn Thunders, Truthseeker Young.

Black and Bright (wall art) and Spatial Effects (3D):
Ahkums Razor, Selavy Oh, Raisin Runo, Saiwun Yoshikawa, GLyph Graves, Solkide Auer, Shellina Winkler, Elros Tuominen, Scarp Godenot, White Lebed.
Apollo Reinard, Madcow Cosmos, GLyph Graves, Ane Oh, Scarp Godenot, Yanosh Nohkan, Leou Aeon, Wizard Gynoid, Nite Zelmanov, Anrod Meads, Isolde Flammand, Aiyas Aya.
Elros Tuominen, Strawberry Holiday, Wendyofneverland Fussbudget and the Fallopina Fighters. Strawberry is in an orb...and Wendy has a small entrance to a larger hidden space :)

Le mie opere presenti:

Ipse dixit:

Solkide Auer and Shellina Winkler at AngelGate: The serenity and boldness of pure geometry, the softness and delight of swirling colors, the fascination of wall art that fidgets and breathes. Solkide and Shellina are friends and studio mates, showing side-by-side at the Radiance exhibition, Ether platform, on AngelGate island. - Bau Hur -