sabato 23 maggio 2009

Brooklyn is Watching Podcast #60

Postcard from Second Life.
In Episode 60 Podcast regulars Jay Van Buren and Don Carroll are joined by the conceptual artist and comic-book-maker Jason Robert Bell and the mysterious Oberon Onmura who traveled all the way across the east river from his smaller, more crowded and expensive island to our larger and rather elongated island to enrich our dialogue with his knowledge and opinions. And he looks like…. no… i won’t tell you. Um….He’s pitch black and has glowing red eyes in real life too. Just kidding. But seriously- podcast fans, this is a good one - a fairly civil and thoughtful conversation and one that I hope you will all enjoy. Artists discussed: Maggnnus Woodget, Misprint Thursday, Esha Bruun, NataS Janus, Werner Kurosawa, Aki Skute, Nessuno Myoo,. Daniello Bernard, Kicca Igaly, Solkide Auer

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the video version of podcast #60:
Brooklyn Is Watching Episode 60

the part that talk about Popeye start at minute 38.00

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